Donations and Sponsor

For a single payment of ฿3,000 THB ($93 USD, £68 GBP, €79 EUR), through PayPal, you will receive:

The opportunity to sponsor an elephant of your choice at Chiangmai Elephant care for one year. A Certificate of Sponsorship. Comprehensive information about the background of your selected elephant. An informative document containing key facts about elephants. Regular updates from Chiangmai Elephant care The assurance that your sponsorship funds (minus PayPal fees) will be used exclusively for the nourishment and well-being of your chosen elephant. To learn more about each of our elephants, please visit our Meet Our Elephants page.

Kindly note that the prices in USD, GBP, and EUR are based on exchange rates as of July 2021.

To sponsor your preferred elephant, please fill out the “Sponsorship Form” provided.


Background on our Elephant Sponsorship Scheme

Since Pandemic of corona Virus19, Chiangmai Elephant care has seen very few visitors. The absence of visitors has resulted in a loss of income. Staff members have been laid off, and the salaries of Mahouts (Elephant Carers) have been reduced. Thailand’s borders remain closed to the majority of international tourists. We anticipate limited visitor numbers for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has impacted food supplies and prices. At Chiangmai Elephant care, we are making every effort to ensure the well-being and proper nourishment of our elephant family.

To help us navigate these challenging times, we introduced the Elephant Sponsorship Scheme in May 2020.

The scheme was conceived, developed, and is currently managed by two English Volunteers residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand. By implementing an electronic administration system, we can minimize the costs associated with running the scheme (excluding PayPal fees).

This sponsorship opportunity serves as an excellent gift for yourself or others!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, on behalf of all our elephants and the Chiangmai Elephant care team.